Dear Parents and Friends

The planning for next school year is getting ramped up and Huntsville Public School continues to be a happening place. We have opened our doors to the community at every opportunity and our fine school is finally receiving the notoriety and respect it has always deserved.  More changes are coming because, not surprisingly, we are one of the few schools in the board that continues to grow.  And it is those changes that cause me to reflect as I write.  I would like to thank those parents who have taken the time to come to me or to call me to receive current, correct and factual information about changes at the school.  It is easy to think and then say what you want and pass it along as the truth, but without the facts, those rumours fuel unnecessary upset and worry; both inside the school and out in the community.  So here is what is really happening:  We will have two additional classrooms next year, one in each of French Immersion and English.  Our student enrolment has climbed that much.  But that doesn’t mean the end of anything.  We will still have a visual and dramatic arts program. We will still have all of our special education services, a full computer lab and a full music room and program.  Added to this good news is an elevator that will be installed for those with needs, along with a fully accessible washroom, completely renovated gym change rooms and a new sound system for the gym.  All this is not to say that we are without challenges.  Certainly we have lots of logistics to deal with, but we are a strong vibrant school community that pulls together and gets the job done.  I invite you to be part of that community so that together HPS can “be the best we can be”.

Ross Jewiss