Green and Becoming Greener at HPS!

Over the past month, there have been many students at HPS participating in activities related to the environment and creating a greener space at HPS. After the snow finally(!) melted, classes of all ages participated in a litter cleanup in our community. Early in May, Jamie Honderich, an environmental educator from Find Your Wild, led workshops focusing on animal adaptations for our Grade 4 classes that featured his fascinating collection of animal skulls and artifacts from around the world. He also led Mme Cotterchio’s class in a discussion about wildlife research.

As part of a Hydro One presentation on safety to our Intermediate students, three new trees were planted on the Junior/Intermediate yard. Through the initiative of teacher Sean Christie, three more trees were recently planted with the help of students from his classes. Along with consultant Holly Groomes, Mr. Hogue’s class hosted a water festival that was attended by many classes. Finally, four students: Avary Strickland, Edie Clute, Rowan Petterson and Caleigh Bolton, were chosen to represent HPS at the Board wide EcoSummit, along with Mme Cotterchio.

A special thanks to Mme Lindsay/Mme Campbell’s class, Mme Fitzgerald’s class and Mr. Hogue’s class, who have taken on the responsibility for collecting and organizing the recycling and composting for our large school on a weekly basis and considerably reducing the amount of garbage created at our school. Thanks also to our custodian, Chris Cherry, who is always willing to help with our initiatives.