Permission Forms:

Ski Team – Hardwood Dec16

Ski Team – Arrowhead Jan14

Ski Team – Arrowhead Feb6

Ski Team – Arrowhead Feb27

Ski Team – Championship Mar3

Ski Team – Arrowhead (Raindate) Mar6

Your coaches:  Mr. Atkinson, Mrs. Marshall, Madame Lindsay

This year we will attend four races and have one practice after school at Arrowhead Park.  If conditions allow, we may be able to do some practicing on the playground at recesses.  All race and practice permission forms are posted below.

Note:  We do both the freestyle ( skate skiing) and classic ( traditional) style,  however, a student may always use the classic style.  You can obtain information on equipment from any of the sport stores in Huntsville or feel free to contact one of the coaches for more information.

HPS Ski Team policy:

We want to give every student as much opportunity as possible.  If a student wishes to be part of the ski team, but does not have the finances to do so, please contact one of the coaches to set up financial assistance.

Deadlines are required in order for the coaches to ensure proper bus sizes are ordered and that proper supervision is in place.   Therefore we will not be accepting any registrations past the December 5th deadline.   This date may not reflect the race organizer’s deadline, but it is a deadline the HPS ski team staff have set in order to ensure proper organization for races and practices.   After this date, if a parent wishes to enter their child in a race, it will be the parent’s full responsibility to enter the child and provide transportation and supervision at the race for the child.  The HPS coaches will not be able to provide supervision or transportation for late entered students.

The Ski Team is designed for grades 4-8 due to supervision requirements.  However any student who is in grade 1-3 may participate if a parent supervises them at the activities.

All forms and money are due by:  Friday December 5th:  No extensions

Equipment Policy:

This year it will be the responsibility of parents to ensure their child has equipment for the races.   Students will not be allowed on the bus to attend a race or a practice if they do not have their equipment with them. There is limited equipment available at the school, however, it is old equipment and it cannot be guaranteed to last for the duration of the race.   If you wish to borrow equipment from the school, you will need to make arrangements with one of the coaches at least two weeks prior to a race or practice.  The student is then responsible for returning the equipment to that coach the day following the practice or event.

All other equipment rentals are the sole responsibility of the parent.   Parents can contact Arrowhead Park (789 5105) to make arrangements to rent equipment.  It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange the rentals, pick up the rentals and return them to the park.  Coaches can give advice regarding waxing of skis that require wax, however there is not enough time to wax skis the morning of the races, so we ask that parents wax their child’s skis prior to the race.

A summary of our season is below:

Costs for each of the following are listed on the permission form along with the time frame.

December 16th:   Freestyle race at Hardwood Hills near Barrie.  Leave at 7:00 am and return by 5:00 pm  Cost $35.00   ( If this race is cancelled because of lack of snow, the rain date will be January 7th) –Same location

January 14th: (Rain date January 21st)   Practice at Arrowhead Park from 3:15-5:15 pm.  Cost $10.00  without rentals

February 6th:  Arrowhead Park ski race #1 classic style (rain date March 6th) Cost $12.00 without rentals

February  20th Arrowhead Park ski race #2 freestyle (rain date March 6th)  Cost $12.00 without rentals

March 3rd :   Ontario Elementary ski Championships ( Hardwood Hills)  Cost $35.00  without rentals

March 6th:  Back up day for Arrowhead races.