Dress CodeThis is an evolving policy, to be reviewed with staff, students and School Council.  Students at Huntsville Public School are expected to dress not only for the weather, but also in a manner conducive to learning, keeping in mind that school is a ‘place of business’ as opposed to ‘a place of leisure’.  Clothing should be suitably tasteful so that no person is unduly offended or uncomfortable.   While school staff are not forcefully looking for cases of non-compliance, the policy is designed to deal with questionable situations.  Discretion and judgment are required.  The Principal, in consultation with staff, will make the final decision in cases of dispute.

School Code of Conduct

At Huntsville PS, we strive to learn and practice the skills that will help our students become productive and successful citizens – at school and in our community. We expect that staff and parents will model these skills.


Check out our Trillium Lakelands District School Board web-site for up to date information on Board activities. http://tldsb.on.ca/


Please check out our school website for school activities and our monthly newsletter  https://hps.tldsb.on.ca/


Internet Use

Trillium Lakelands District School Board has an Internet Use Policy in place that clearly states expectations and responsibilities with respect to student use of internet in schools. A form which is to be signed by both student and parents / guardians will be sent home at the beginning of each year.

 Students will…

  • Be provided with a personal login which is to be held confidential.

Are you looking for ways to monitor and protect your kids on the internet? If so, the following web-site is a tool to help. Check out this web site that helps protect our kids internet use. http://www.gomcgruff.com/


Students should not bring prescription or non-prescription medication to school.  Parents are responsible for administering the medication.  If a prescription medication is taken on a daily basis at school, parent(s) and the doctor must complete the proper documentation.  Required forms can be obtained from the office.

Allergy Awareness

Due to the fact that many Huntsville Public School Community members are sensitive to various smells such as strong perfumes, peanuts, flowers, etc., we would ask that you refrain from wearing or bringing these types of odours or products to the school.

Signing In & Out

There is a book in the office for students, parent volunteers and visitors to sign in and out.  This procedure enables us to account for everyone in the school in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event that a school-wide evacuation is necessary, our emergency evacuation site is St. Mary’s Church located at 12 Centre Street North.  Parents will be contacted and informed that the students have been moved to this site.