Latest News

HPS and Main St. Local Kitchen Game Night

GAME NIGHT happens every Thursday at MAIN ST. LOCAL KITCHEN in partnership with UP NORTH GAMES  from 4pm to close.  The cost to play is $4.00 per person,  with 50% of the proceeds being... Read More

Green and Becoming Greener at HPS!

Over the past month, there have been many students at HPS participating in activities related to the environment and creating a greener space at HPS. After the snow finally(!) melted, classes of all... Read More

Last Call for Edge Imaging Pictures

If you have not yet ordered your child’s fall school photos from Edge Imaging, you still have time to get your order in before summer holidays! Fall photo day orders should be placed... Read More

Daily Schedule

8:45 Entrance Bell
8:50-9:20 30 minutes
9:20-9:50 30 minutes
9:50-10:30 40 minutes
and 10:50 - 11:10
Nutrition Break #1
11:10-11:50 40 minutes
11:50–12:30 40 minutes
12:30-1:10 40 minutes
1:10-1:30 Nutrition Break #2
1:30-1:50 Recess
1:50-2:30 40 minutes
2:30-3:10 40 minutes